Sunday, May 9, 2010

Packing Up Again

So it's the week before I head overseas again, this summer to East Asia, with about 30ish students and 7 staff. This week is always a crazy one, where I get into extreme mode and decide I need to do everything I've ever dreamt of putting on a 'to do' list before I head overseas. Usually I come to my senses and realize it all won't and probably shouldn't happen.

However, something that DOES need to happen is packing. And I'm bound and determined to pack better than I did last year. Last May, I packed in a record of 2 hours for my entire 6 weeks overseas. I was so thrilled with myself...until I got to Sweden and promptly forgot: long sleeved shirts/sweaters for the cold days, a converter, hair dryer (for the cold days) and more things. Whoops! So, this year, I'm ahead of the game and have already started a LONG list. Plus, medicine and some things aren't easily found in EA so I need to make sure I have enough. Sigh. This is going to be one big trip to Target...(more to come)

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